After four years of dental school, our experienced surgeons received graduate training in other disciplines such as general surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, medicine, anesthesia and pathology during their four-year oral and maxillofacial surgery residencies.

What’s an oral and maxillofacial surgeon?
An oral and maxillofacial surgeon specializes in the area of dentistry which includes diagnosis, surgery and treatment of disease, injuries and defects involving the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, face, jaw, neck and skull. They most frequently work in the mouth doing common surgeries such as wisdom teeth removal and dental implants but are proficient in performing jaw surgeries, facial cosmetic surgeries and many other procedures. These specialists receive an additional four years of training beyond dental school.

A Step Above
While not required to practice, Board Certification from the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial is something that each Northwest Oral & Facial Surgeon has aspired to and achieved. This rigorous certification involves an initial written and oral exam, continuous education and frequent recertification.

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Dental Implant Surgery

Facial and Oral Pathology


Facial Trauma Surgery

Orthognathic/Jaw Surgery


Wisdom Tooth Removal

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